Phone code of Newcastle New South Wales +61241 and 0241 Australia.

On this page you can see the phone codes +61241 and 0241 from Newcastle of New South Wales Australia. To search for the desired phone number, use the "Search" field. You can also select the desired locality or phone code, the next page allows you to select the required range of numbers.

Phone range 024110XXXX - 024119XXXX or +6124110XXXX - +6124119XXXX

Phone range 024119XXXX - 024129XXXX or +6124119XXXX - +6124129XXXX

Phone range 024129XXXX - 024139XXXX or +6124129XXXX - +6124139XXXX

Phone range 024139XXXX - 024149XXXX or +6124139XXXX - +6124149XXXX

Phone range 024149XXXX - 024159XXXX or +6124149XXXX - +6124159XXXX

Phone range 024159XXXX - 024169XXXX or +6124159XXXX - +6124169XXXX

Phone range 024169XXXX - 024179XXXX or +6124169XXXX - +6124179XXXX

Phone range 024179XXXX - 024189XXXX or +6124179XXXX - +6124189XXXX

Phone range 024189XXXX - 024199XXXX or +6124189XXXX - +6124199XXXX